Monday, 27 February 2017

What a day

You know what's great?  Awesomely gracious knitting testers.

I'm running a test knit for a sweater pattern, (it is knit by volunteers before release to find anything that's wrong/unclear).  Something wasn't working and I spent the last day trying to figure out what it was.  Actually I landed on the problem almost immediately, and then spent a few hours hoping against hope that wasn't actually the problem and trying to find another problem because it was too horrible to contemplate.

I'd double checked all the math in the spreadsheet, double checked the stitch counts in the pattern were the same as the numbers in the spreadsheet where I did the math for all the sizes, double checked that key measurements made sense.  But I made a typo that I hadn't caught.

The typo was the stitch gauge.  It was supposed to be 14 sts/4" but I hit 7 instead of 4 and it never occurred to me to check that I hadn't made this particular mistake.

I felt so bad, for wasting my testers' time since whatever progress they had made wouldn't fit them.  It will need to be started over.  I told them any who wanted to leave the test could and would get the free patterns I'd promised as compensation for completing the test, that we could change the deadline and anyone who wanted to stay could have double the number of patterns I'd originally promised.

Guys, they were so nice about it.  So nice, which is such a wonderful relief.

So I'm back to sizing my text garment that's supposed to come out, I'll definitely be double checking that I put the gauge in right this time.

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